Advisory Council

Eastside Promise Neighborhood has an advisory council that is responsible for maintaining the fidelity of the grant and insuring the sustainability of the initiative. Their role is to serve as the community’s decision-making body on efforts that support students to improve their educational outcomes and to provide oversight that ensures accountability towards fulfilling the 10 promises.

The Vision: All children growing up in the Eastside Promise Neighborhood will have access to effective schools and strong systems of family and community support. This network of support will prepare youth to STAY in school, GROW up in a healthy and strong community, GRADUATE from high school and earn a college degree or certificate, and STAY in the neighborhood to give of their skills and talents.

Comprised of the leadership of public and private agencies, this board was developed in 2011 as an effort to engage broader community groups as key stakeholders in supporting youth and families through educational opportunities.

The EPN Advisory Council Chair, Floyd Wilson, is a long-term advocate and former resident of San Antonio’s Eastside. He is the Market President of Frost McCreless Financial Center.

Advisory council meetings take place on the first Monday of every month on the 2nd floor of the Ella Austin Community Center from 5:00- 7:00. These meetings are open to the public. Childcare and Spanish translation devices are available on request.


 Members include:

Arch, Joaquinn
Ayala, Amanda
Baquera, Rebeca
Brown, Akeem
Campbell, Al
Carr, Sylvia
Castro, Monica
Daniels, Michelle
Diop, Mateen
Dixon, Laura
Emerson, Mary
Etienne, Mike
Fechner, Mel
Foley-Davis, Phyllis
Gaston, Booker (Rev)
Gonzales, Edward
Gonzalez, David
Gorman, Jackie L.
Hard, Nancy L.
Hargrove, Anthony E.
Hussain, Steven
Kinnison, AICP, Abigail
Losoya, Julia
Loston, Dr. Adena
McCormick. Judy
McLaurin, Darnell
Miller, Catherine
Mullen, Andrea R.
Murillo, Jo Ann
Olison, Mae
O’Neal, Anita
Ortiz, Samantha
Palo, Maricela
Quintana, Iliana
Ramirez, Syliva
Scepanski, David
Smith, Dee
St. Clair, Kathleen
Taylor, Ivy
Velazquez, Gregorio
Warrick, Alan
Watts-Davis, Beverly
White, Darnell
Williams, Rev. Fritz
Willie Mae Taylor
Wilson, Floyd
Ortiz, Anna
Garcia, Amanda
Drennon, Christine
McKieran, Laura C.
Martinez, Stephanie A.
Ozuna, Clarissa R.
Porter, Arrie
Lopez, Adrian
Walters, Alicia
Olga Kauffman
Lewis, Richard
Bryant, Lester
Solano, Andrew
Darlyne Drummer
Paula A. Monroe
Nakpodia, Sho