College & Career

college goals


EPN employees a College & Career Consultant who coaches students in the processes of enrolling for college.

The Consultant is responsible for…

  • locating, monitoring, and supporting graduates as they exit high school and enter post-secondary education
  • making classroom presentations about college opportunities and has one-on-one conversations with students, friends, and relatives
  • identifying students who are attending college, serving in the military, working full time while not attending college, participating in technical training, industry-recognized certificates or credentials
  • arranging college recruitment visits to the campus
  • making weekly info presentations on college preparation through the Parent Room
  • presenting college prep information to Men, Math, and Mentors meetings
  • overseeing all Café College (a one-stop center that specializes in enrollment and financial aid services) and college visits
  • helping students with enrollment and financial aid applications

destination college

 Sam Houston Seniors know where they’re going! They had a chance to proclaim their plans while meeting other students from across the city joining them at their college or university.


SAISD opened an Early College High School on the campus of St. Philips College in August, 2014. Students earn high school graduation credits and merge into the college classes for college credit simultaneously in the course of the instructional day. The program is a school district charter school and enrollment is open to any student in the SAISD district who meets the entrance criteria established by the district. Enrolled students have the opportunity of earning 60 hours of college credit, the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree, while completing their high school diploma. College courses are taken concurrently with high school courses; students also have the option to complete a certificate in a high demand industry. Students get a jumpstart on their future, engage in a rigorous academic program, take advantage of campus life, and benefit from academic support.

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SAISD also provides SAT instructional support for students at Sam Houston, while Advise Texas has developed an ACT prep class for Juniors. The preparation class is offered in the second semester of the school year. Participants receive an ACT prep book and receive their pre-test results to identify focus areas with strategies on how to improve scores. Intensive ACT prep is offered based on those identified focus areas. A student who scores well on the ACT or SAT is not required to take a college placement assessment, meaning they bypass the remediation process for English and Math.


GEAR UP, which stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, is a federal program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. SAISD is a recipient of the GEAR UP grant and there is a College Readiness Coach that works with the 10th grade students at Sam Houston High School. The coach provides support to students with one-on-one academic counseling, mentorship, and the opportunity to meet work with academic case managers. Students who qualify, receive iPads to enhance their instruction. An Institute for Excellence summer program is provided to increase college readiness and academic preparedness. The five week preparatory camp combines direct instruction in the content areas, field trips to area colleges, team building and leadership, goal setting, and personal organization strategies.

New Tech Academy, hosted on the Sam Houston High School campus, is open all students in SAISD and operates as a school within in a school. Subjects are integrated; students work in teams and learning is project-based in a technology- rich environment. Teams of students working in a computer-based instructional format, conduct research, communicate, and prove hypothesis to solve real problems in our community. EPN will continue to support New Tech students through the STEM 101 curriculum.

EPN purchased the curriculum in an effort to strengthen the rigor of the instructional base, align the instruction more clearly with industry standards for high demand jobs, and provide professional development in the curricular approach. STEM 101 provides flexibility in its teacher training and trains up to 30 teachers annually. This is a significant improvement over the Lead the Way (PLRW), the previously used curriculum, which only allowed for one teacher to be trained per course. The STEM 101 courses and curriculum are online and align with PLTW courses, so much of the equipment and projects that students are doing are already supported by New Tech.

The STEM 101 curriculum has been identified in Texas as the Best of the Breed Program to improve student preparation for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). The curriculum is built upon a blended learning, project-based platform accessible through a web-enabled device and aligns with national and state standards. SAISD purchased the curriculum with EPN support. EPN teachers will receive training and become certified as a STEM 101 instructor.



The Family Service Association Parent Room at Sam Houston provides support and information to parents concerning college and technical training. Each parent room is equipped with a ‘college corner’ which provides a broad range of information about college opportunities. Parent Room teams also organize college tours for parents during the school year.