EPN Schools

The $23.7 million implementation grant was awarded to bolster the $312,00 EPN planning grant received in September 2010 to put school improvement at the center of local efforts to revitalize the Eastside neighborhood. The implementation grant works to improve outcomes for children, such as increased kindergarten readiness and higher high school and college graduation rates. The five year goal is to break down traditional government and non-profit silos to provide more integrated series of solutions that can more effectively address complex problems that face students from distressed neighborhoods. With the grant, the Eastside can employ its plan for a “continuum of solutions” to help youth achieve in school. CI:Now (Community Information Now) serves as EPN’s lead data partner and is constructing a data warehouse and a multi-user bridge that enables the review of relevant student and family indicators to track the progress of this continuum of solutions .

SAISD is EPN’s lead educational partner. To build a strong STEM pipeline, beginning with Tynan’s Early Childhood Center leading up to Sam Houston High School, SAISD designed a comprehensive strategic STEM education plan to strengthen teacher capacity, improve student performance and build STEM program sustainability. The success and viability of the plan’s redesign builds STEM proficiency in students while also addressing state standards in all core subjects and increases teacher capacity in STEM while strengthening pedagogy and technology skills. Success will also be defined by how effectively students are inspired to enter into STEM fields. One of the hallmarks of the redesign is the launch of “Engineering Fridays” in the EPN partner schools, a strategy made possible by SAISD condensing the required core curriculum into four days. Trinity University has also joined the EPN team to build long term leadership capacity for the area schools. And thanks to a range of community partners, expanded programming (during and after school) is being supported in the neighborhood .

The focus of the EPN grant corresponds with the SAISD Wheatley Middle School feeder pattern, including Bowden, Washington and Pershing Elementary schools, and Tynan Early Childhood Education center; all of which feed into Sam Houston High School.Click on the logos below to find out more information about each EPN campus.



Tynan Logo

925 Gulf
San Antonio, Texas 78202
(210) 226- 5453

Wheatley Mascot_final logo

415 Gabriel St
San Antonio, Texas 78202

Wheatley Middle School has been identified as a community school host in the EPN footprint. For more information please contact the Full Service Community School Coordinator: Tava Herring at (210) 738-9754 or by email therring1@saisd.net

pershing logo

600 Sandmeyer St.
San Antonio, Texas 78208
(210) 738-9820

Bowden logo

515 Willow St.
San Antonio, Texas 78202
(210) 738- 9770


1823 Nolan St.
San Antonio, Texas 78202
(210) 738- 9840

sam houston logo

4635 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, Texas 78220
210) 661-4134