Jobs Plus

Jobs-Plus is an innovative, place-based, employment and community-building program that focuses on raising the level of employment and earnings among public housing residents.


  • Job-search assistance
  • Collaboration with business partners to identify job training and employment opportunities
  • Coaching to help residents adjust to the world of work
  • Vocational training (usually short-term)
  • General Education Development (GED) and English as a Second language (ESL) courses
  • Identify employers willing to work with hard-to employ residents transitioning to the world of work
  • Identify agencies who assist with starting or running small businesses
  • Other support services (i.e. child care)


  • Conditional rent-based incentives to help residents keep more of their earnings


  • Supervised “Community Coaches” (small team of residents) are recruited, and trained, to encourage their neighbors to utilize Jobs-Plus services to improve their employability
  • “Community Coaches” also play a vital role in engaging residents to establish informal and formal systems to support members’ efforts to secure long-term sustainable employment
  • The Jobs-Plus Program utilizes the provision of housing to engage residents in “non-traditional” ways to facilitate workforce development within the communities they live

For more information about the Jobs-Plus Program

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