Kinder Camp


Eastside Promise Neighborhood’s mission is to improve success in education and life by strengthening the fabric of school, families and community. EPN is focused towards increasing age-appropriate functioning. One way we target this goal is through Kinder Camp, a “boot camp” for children entering Kindergarten that aims to 1.) close summer learning gaps in oral language, social skills, literacy, or math and 2.) acquaint children and family with Kinder procedures and routines. Kinder Prep served 58 students in July- August 2014 with a 4 week “boot camp” at Bowden, Pershing, and Washington Elementary campuses.

To support this mission EPN, in collaboration with SAISD and Wheatley Full Service Community School, will provide a Kinder Prep Camp this summer (2015) from July 27-August 7 for children in the Promise Neighborhood footprint entering kindergarten August 2015. Each classroom will be staffed by one certified teacher and on assistant.  One classroom will be located on each of the three elementary campuses in the EPN footprint. This year SAISD developed a transition curriculum. The curriculum focused on Kindergarten entry skills for oral language, social emotional, motor skills, cognitive processing, literacy, and math skills. Impact is measured by Pre and Post assessments administered during the camp.

The purpose of Kinder Camp is to:

  • Provide entering kindergarten students with procedures and routines necessary for Kindergarten success
  • Reduce summer learning loss in areas of literacy, math, oral language, and social/emotional skills
  • Assist parents during the transition from the Early Childhood setting to Kindergarten

The instructional day will replicate the Kindergarten schedule, routines, procedures and basic instruction coupled with a field trip for expansion of the learning beyond the classroom walls.

If you are interested in learning more about Kinder Camp or registering your child please contact: Tava Herring at (210) 728- 9754 or by email