EPN announces funding opportunity: applications available NOW!

Purpose:    This Eastside Promise Neighborhood (EPN) Purchase of Service Proposal Request is an effort to assist Nonprofits in the EPN footprint seek new and effective ways of making tangible progress towards their missions, and building organizational capacity.  Capacity building is vitally important for community-based non-profit organizations, now more than ever, especially when the nonprofit sector serves as the safety net for our communities.  Simply put, an investment in capacity building will improve and enhance the neighborhood nonprofits’ ability to sustain themselves over time to enable them to continue their positive impact on lives and communities. 

The Eastside Promise Neighborhood (EPN) is seeking a provider to pilot a ‘back office’ resource for nonprofit organizations serving the Eastpoint footprint.  ‘Back office’ resources to include (in priority order) accounting services, grant reporting assistance, and contract management supports.  The purpose of the pilot is to test out both the ‘value add’ and cost of an external infrastructure support system and its impact on a nonprofit organization’s success with being investment-ready, i.e. meeting and complying with financial eligibility criteria for public sector grants.  It is anticipated that pairing the assets of program/customer/neighborhood expertise of area nonprofits with this back office supports will strengthen the ability of area nonprofits to compete for future grants to continue the transformation work beyond the EPN conclusion of the grant.

Proposed program must impact the following:

  • Work with nonprofit organizations in the Eastpoint to provide consultation and technical assistance in back office administration (accounting, grant reporting and contract management)
  • Create cooperative shared services structures as appropriate to maximize efficiencies for individual NPOs
  • Develop a shared cost model of service structures
  • Development of strategies to continue the work, beyond the pilot period

Capacity Building Initiative: Funding period is from February 6th, 2017 – June 30, 2017.  A total pool of funds of up to $60,000 is available to create a distinct capacity building project to build the capacity of a neighborhood charitable nonprofit to effectively deliver its mission in the future and to be competitive for increased array of funding sources.

Required Program Criteria:

  1. Independent (non-competing)
  2. Written Non-Compete Clause
  3. Technical Assistance:  Action/Strategic Plans/Collective Ideas – Collective Vision
  4. Organizational Development
  5. Established familiarity with area Non Profits
  6. Financial Experience
    • Expense Management Federal and Non-profit
    • Budget Development – Agency and Grant
    • Indirect Rate Calculations and Application Process

The deadline to submit all POS proposals is 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 19th 2017.  All proposals must be hand-delivered to the United Way of San Antonio Office located at 700 S. Alamo, 78205.  Please call Caroline Sumerlin at (210) 352- 7142 if you have difficulty locating the United Way office.

Details regarding the application will be presented during the Mandatory Information Session. Interested applicants must attend information session on Monday, December 19th, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at Ella Austin Community Center, 1023 N. Pine, 2nd Floor in the Boardroom. To reserve a space please R.S.V.P. to Caroline Sumerlin at csumerlin@unitedwaysatx.org  

Please Note:  We highly recommend the staff representative that attends the information sessions be the person who is the grant writer or part of the program implementation team.

Proposal Documents:

General Overview Instructions

Capacity Building Timeline

Proposal Application

Budget Instructions

Budget Worksheet