Non-Profit Capacity Building Info Session Q&A



  1. How large will the nonprofits you will be working with be?
    •       Organizations serving any range people, from start-ups to established organizations.


  1. Are you going to cover board development?
    •       Not at this time. This pilot will focus on budgets and funding through mentoring and technical support. Further down the line, beyond the terms of this grant, applicant might explore further organizational needs of non-profits and make recommendations.


  1. Are you looking to fund one organization or a cohort of organizations?
    •       EPN is open to any configuration of partners willing to collaborate to achieve the objectives of this effort. The contract, however, will be only with the lead organization.


  1. In proposal, do applying organizations have to find a successful peer-reviewed model to reference?
    •       No, however, you must support your proposal with demonstrated experience (and outcomes), reference a promising practice or an evidence-based model that has been implemented before. A peer-reviewed article is simply an example.


  1. Can applying agencies provide evidence of similar strategies that have been implemented before and will produce results, even if there is not a specific model to reference?
    •        Yes, proposal does not have to replicate an exact model. DoE wants to see evidence that what you are proposing is not an untested approach but something that has produced successful results.


  1. Do we need to identify areas of need to address through this opportunity?
    •       No, areas of need have already been identified and the agency awarded must demonstrate through evidence that they will address the published needs.


  1. Can a for-profit organization apply for these funds?
    •       A non-profit or for-profit may apply for funding to provide capacity building. But only non-profits, faith based, and grassroots organizations may be served under this capacity building opportunity.


  1. Do agencies have to provide a plan and list of deliverables?
    •       A plan must be included in the proposal and articulate the outcomes that can be achieved as a result of the plan. The awarded agency will negotiate with United Way for the specific deliverables that are to be achieved for the specific month.


  1. Once the grant is awarded, do we report to United Way?
    •       Yes, even though the funds are from DoE, United Way will administer.


  1. How are 5 months long enough to accomplish much with non-profits?
    •       It is up to the applicant to describe the achievable results in this time period. The review committee reserves the right to declare that the proposals submitted did not produce sufficient results for the funds available.


  1. As a cost reimbursement grant, what guarantees do we have that we will be reimbursed for work performed?
    •       United Way will conduct contract negotiations with the applicant in which a performance table will outline monthly deliverables. Both United Way and Applicant will understand these terms before signing any contracts. Reimbursement terms are clearly outlined in these negotiations.


  1. Where do applications have to be submitted?
    •       United Way Main Office (700 S. Alamo)


  1. Does the application have to hand-delivered?
    •       Yes, 10 paper copies are required in the submission.


  1. Does the application have to be in a binder?
    •       No, EPN actually prefers that the packets be 3-whole punched and clipped. EPN staff will place proposals in binders for the review committee.


  1. How many pages may be used for each section?
    •       See table
Section I. – Organizational Information Section (1 page limit)
Section II. – Program Overview (2 page limit)
Section III. – Scope of Work (4 page limit)
Section IV. – Outcomes Evaluation (2 page limit)
Section V. – Program Budget, Narrative & Matching Funds
       Budget Narrative
       Budget Summary and Detailed Budget (Excel workbook)
       Match/In-Kind Section complete


  1. Do you want specifics of what is covered by insurance or general liability policy?
    •       Every organization must have a minimum liability coverage


  1. Does insurance need to cover Bexar County as well??
    •       To clarify, EPN operates under the general liability of United Way. When Bexar County is referenced, it is an extension of the United Way name (United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County).


  1. What is the timeline for sustainability?
    •       There is no limit on this for the agency. It should be outlined in the proposal at the discretion of the agency. Advisory Council is interested in this pilot but also the contractor’s ability to construct ways in which this work can be continued.


  1. Who are the Advisory Council and what if a conflict of interest exists between my organization and a member?
    •       Council is made up of community volunteers led by Floyd Wilson. The review committee will begin its work by first identifying and addressing any conflict of interest among the committee members.


  1. Where is the application packet?




Technical Assistance Week Questions:

  1. What is the expectation for incorporating the EPN baseline and Neighborhood Goals into the proposal?

There is no specific performance objective as it relates to the individual goals, however there is an expectation that the mission of the nonprofit organizations that are to be served through this award address one or more of the neighborhood goals.


  1. Are we to identify the non-profits that we plan to serve?

EPN and the contractor will select the area nonprofits that will participate in the pilot. Priority will be given to agencies that have been active partners who have contributed to the achievement of the EPN goals.


  1. Should the sustainability plan focus on how the organization will maintain the services after the grant expires or should it be focused on how our organization plans to continue providing the services after the grant expiration.

The committee is expecting to see how this pilot investment could underwrite the launch of a longer-term support solution for the area non-profit organizations.  The response should include both how the organization has a plan to maintain the services and also a plan for funding alternatives to execute that plan after the grant expires..


  1. What type of proof is required regarding the insurance?

For the proposal phase, applicants are only asked to state the organization’s current insurance coverage.  For the organization that is selected to provide the services for this POS, the executive director of that organization will be asked to certify the organization’s insurance coverage via the contract that will be negotiated.