After School & Summer programs

Eastside Promise Neighborhood contracts with multiple non-profit partners to offer high quality enhanced out-of-school time (OST) programming for students in the EPN partner schools, community centers and churches. The programs emphasize improved attendance, academic proficiency,  social skills and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  Programs will impact EPN results:

  • Students improve academic performance and are proficient in core subjects and
  • Students successfully transition from Elementary to Middle  to High School.

School year 2015-2016 EPN Funded Programs:  August 31st- June 3rd

    • Program Sites: Bowden Elementary, 515 Willow 78202 and Eastside Branch, 3503 Martin Luther King Dr. 78220
    • For students ages 6-18, up to 125 slots available

BGCSA offers school year OST program services at Bowden Elementary School and at the BGCSA Eastside Branch for EPN-eligible school age youth, ages 6-18. Programming includes academic help, focusing on math and reading, life skills and character development, play, and sports and fitness challenges.

    • Program Sites: Bowden Elementary, 515 Willow; Pershing Elementary, 600 Sandmeyer; Washington Elementary, 1823 Nolan; Wheatley Middle School, 415 Gabriel; Sam Houston High School, 4635 E. Houston
    • For students in grades K-12, up to 100 slots available

The EPN Girl Scout Leadership Experience will serve 100 girls who reside or attend school in the Eastside Promise Neighborhood area. Girls will explore skills and interests in a variety of thematic areas such as community service, cultural arts, healthy living, environmental awareness and much more in a supportive all-girl environment.

    • Program Site: Mike’s House, 339 Gabriel
    • For students ages 4-16, up to 45 slots available

Students will be helped to complete all assigned homework which is brought to the sessions. Those who do not have homework will be given appropriate worksheets to complete.  When homework is completed, students will be given a choice between computers, crafts, and outside fitness/nutrition activities. Children will be awarded for good attendance and for completion of work.

    • Program Site: Wheatley Middle School, 415 Gabriel
    • For students in 6th-8th grades, up to 100 slots available

Out-of-School Time (OST) programming is increasingly viewed as a key strategy in tackling achievement gaps and boosting in-school success, building and nurturing 21st century skills, and aiding to wholly meet the needs of the child. Specifically, YMCA OST programming holistically nurtures the social, emotional, physical, and academic development of children served.

Check out the Physical Fitness activities too!

 Other After School Programs in the area


All our current funded programs have been asked to participate in the Air Quality Flag Program to reduce asthma attacks.  Poor air quality is one of the many triggers of asthma attacks. The Flag Program uses colored flags based on EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI) to notify teachers, coaches, students, and other about outdoor air quality conditions.  Programs are asked to raise a colored flag each day that corresponds to their local air quality forecast. For more information on the program or to see today’s ozone report visit