Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is an ongoing process that increases active participation, communication, and collaboration between parents, schools, and communities with the goal of education the whole child to ensure students achievement and success. Parent engagement refers to all activities that parents do to help their children succeed. It includes everything from making sure they are prepared to go to school every day to attending parent meetings, conferences, and events, to volunteering their time and talents at their child’s school. It is vital to the student success. When parents are engaged students do better in school and have a higher chance of graduating high school and attending post secondary school. It leads to better school attendance, increased motivation, higher self-esteem and fewer behavioral issues. EPN believes that by working together and creating meaningful partnerships leads to greater students achievement and success. EPN works with parents in the 6 partner schools and throughout the Eastside community by

  • supporting and providing effective programs to teach parents life skills and provide them with resources available to help their children succeed in school and in life
  • developing and delivering communication to parents and families including monthly calendars, resource bags and event flyers
  • creates collaborative partnerships between the schools, external organizations, and agencies that support parent engagement



EPN partners with Family Service Association (FSA) their Family- School- Community Partnership. The partnership is in collaboration with United Way and SAISD to provide support and guidance to parents (and legal guardians), so that they may become involved, engaged and then empowered to take part in the educational process of their children.

Services include:

  • parent led home visits
  • training for parents
  • quality fun and academic activities for children/ youth, orients and families at each campus

Each EPN campus is equip with a parent room that includes:

  • Parent designed and operated classroom/hub for parents to safely interact, train and work together on campus specific projects designed to connect parents in the educational process of the student.
  • Resource and Referral Corner intended to help parents find and obtain basic needs that might impede the education process of the student.
  • Computer Center available to parents for purposes such as job search and I Data Portal access (SAISD’s online database for tracking child’s academic information).
  • Kids’ Corner available so that all parents who have non-schooled aged children feel welcome when they want to come in to the parent room.
  • College Corner designed to inform parents about the true possibility of higher education for their children and themselves.

Parent Rooms at the middle and high school campuses support attendance with phone calls and home visits. Parent room representatives, who are mostly parent volunteers, also make home visits where they provide parents tools and tips to improve their child’s attendance, strategize with parents on possible behaviors issues impacting their child’s learning, and learn what assistance may be required to help target child school work (coursework support, test taking skills, etc.). Parent room representatives are also finely attuned to the community’s available resources and so offer parents and families an immediate and vital link to wrap around services that address school success barriers. Parent room visits is the best strategy used to connect with parents.

EPN has contracted with FSA to provide a full time Parent Facilitator, Darlyne Drummer, to work with families of students with chronic absenteeism. The Parent Facilitator networks with the families, develops strategies for improved school attendance, and participates in weekly intervention meetings conducted through the City Year program. You can reach Darlyne at (210) 569- 3082 or by email

EPN also contracts with FSA to provide an Early Childhood Parent Facilitator, Roxanne Acosta, focused on increasing the engagement of parents enrolled at the EPN early childhood locations. The Parent Facilitator raises awareness about the importance of establishing a medical home for children 0-5 by building on the organization’s expertise of coordinating the Family School Community Partnership and conducting health presentations on the campuses. She is also responsible for recruiting and supporting early childhood families for both formal and FFN settings. The facilitator raises awareness among parents about the age-appropriate developmental ranges for children 0-5 and connects parents to wrap around support services. You can reach Roxanne at (210) 912- 8966 or by email


For more information on Parent Rooms please contact:

Regina Ramirez, Services Coordinator Email: Mobile: (210) 563-4708

Mary Lou Gomez, Services Coordinator Email: Mobile: (210) 360-9586




Offered exclusively within the Eastside Promise Neighborhood, Parent Talk is a free, group based program for parents to gather and discuss the many different facets of parenting.  Utilizing the nurturing curriculum, our educators facilitate weekly group discussions and activities in a judgment free, safe environment, in varying sites throughout the Eastside Promise Neighborhood.  Parent Talk facilitates Parenting and Life Skills education for individuals and family members acting as caregivers to children 0 to 17 years of age, and is offered in both English and Spanish. Our mission is to increase families’ protective factors through encouraging positive parenting practices: family functioning and parental resiliency; social connections and support; nurturing and attachment; through information, and guidance from parent advocates and their peers (meals are offered at each session and childcare is provided at most locations).

parent talk

For more information or to register for a class please contact

Eastside Parenting Program Director:

Gina Acevedo at (210)267-2567 or by email



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