Linda Hook


I am a fortunate person who has achieved more in life than I ever planned. My parents, family, and friends have always been there to cheer me on – a true blessing.  I am a Texan by birth, A San Antonin by career. After graduating from University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I was fascinated by the new teaching hospital in San Antonio. That was 1975.  Forty years later, I have had the opportunity to serve the community in many ways. Today, I am a nursing instructor for the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW).

In a former position, I led a team of public health nurses serving the Eastside community.  I was so excited to know that United Way and San Antonio Housing Authority had secured large federal grants to help the community, and later an Obama Promise Zone designation. Plus, the excitement of UIW building the Bowden Eye and Health Institute in the Eastpoint area.  One of my faculty assignments included working on a HRSA grant of UIW Bowden Eye and Health Institute with a team of faculty and students from nursing pharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition, and athletic training.

Through the work with the grant, the faculty team learned about Eastside Promise Neighborhood Purchase of Service (POS) opportunity. The connections led to my participation on the Promise and Choice Together (PaCT) Health & Wellness Committee  and a successful application for a POS, specifically, an initiative for families with children 0-5 years dealing with asthma. That had led me to meeting many wonderful families – watching UIW nursing, pharmacy and UT Respiratory Therapy students teaching families and children about asthma care – and helping the families with other health services.


My favorite thing about working on the Eastside is the openness of the families to welcome us into their homes and lives.  One of my favorite memories is that of a family we were helping.  The family could only come to our asthma class on Saturday mornings. So I made breakfast for the family.  Later, the students and I went on a home visit and the family had arranged breakfast for us.  What a compliment to be invited into the community!

One of my most rewarding opportunities, and one that no one might know about me that I have had in my life, is that of serving as a Boy Scout Cub Master and as a member of the Eagle Scout Board. When a young scout appeared before the board, you could see the scout thinking “Oh, she is a mom!”

The last 6 years I have been working toward a Doctorate in Public Health. Like many students find, you put your hobbies and interests on hold to pursue your passion.  I am nearing the finish line and hope that soon I can say I achieved my goal.  Then I hope I find time on a nice quiet beach in South Texas.

Fun Facts about me:

  • I really don’t have any hidden talents but I can cook at great Chicken Fried Steak and a yummy batch of peach preserves.
  • I could not live without my family and friends.
  • My husband and I enjoy watching movies. I always enjoy watching, Giant, a Texas classic.
  • Books –I loved reading to my son – The Giving Tree.
  • I love any song Willie Nelson sings!