Sulema Mendoza


Sulema Mendoza is a Community health educator in the Eastside Promise footprint. As a Community Health Educator, Sulema increases resident’s awareness of the health insurance marketplace, their cost, terms, and options through outreach and education efforts. Sulema is a single mother to her four year-old daughter Sasha and her thirteen year-old son Xavier. She was born and raised in San Antonio but has also lived in Florida, Missouri, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona, before returning to San Antonio when she was 16. Sulema has always demonstrated a strong work ethic in numerous jobs. For the past eight years she has been a dedicated employee at the neighborhood Walgreens.

Her work with Eastside Promise Neighborhood started as a coach for the Midnight Basketball league. She has been playing basketball since she was six and has been coaching since 2002. One could argue she is the most successful little-league basketball coach in San Antonio. Since the beginning of her coaching career, she has dramatically improved the performance of her players and has transformed multiple “losing-streak” teams to undefeated champions. She is more than passionate about helping her team members understand the importance of team work and integrity. Sulema played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Midnight Basketball Women’s teams where she not only plays but coaches as well. You are likely to see Sulema in community centers and parks around the neighborhood playing basketball on her free time. It is no wonder why Sulema is considered an influential, friendly, and powerful force in the community. She is always breaking new ground and going the extra mile for the people in her community. “My life is finally getting better. Having the opportunity to give back is all I have ever wanted and I’m so happy that I now have the chance to do so.”