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Walter E. Perry is an Eastside native of San Antonio. “I Love the character of the neighborhood and the positive outlook from businesses and residents. I’m happy to be making a difference.” He is the 3rd oldest of six children in his family. Growing up in a large family made Walter want a large family of his own. He met his beautiful wife in the summer of 2013. Alicia and Walter now have 8 children of their own.

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Walter decided to get into Community work because of the obstacles he dealt with in his own past. As a youth, Walter got involved with gangs and other negative influences that eventually landed him in prison for 7 years. After being released, Walter had a hard time finding a job because of his criminal record, which led him to depression and homelessness. In spite of his struggled, Walter managed to stay active in the community by volunteering, and organizing residents to attend public and community meetings. Mr. Perry obtained his associate’s degree from St. Philip’s College in 2011. Mr. Perry serves on several boards in the community including: Bethel Prevention Coalition Parent Committee and My Brother’s Keeper.

In 2015, he founded The Keep Living Foundation, a Community organization dedicated to creating strategies to connect people to tools and resources to help them become self-sufficient. “The Keep Living Foundation was created to be a beacon of hope to people having a hard time adjusting to life after incarceration and for families who may need financial assistance to send their children to college,” says Walter.  “If people have the desire, the tools and the opportunities, they’ll change their lives. I’m proof of that! “

The Keep Living Foundation is anchored by 3 programs:

Suit Up!
Suit Up is a business & Professional Clothing Exchange Program and community Initiative to collect new and gently worn business and professional attire for people entering or reentering the workforce. The Purpose is to teach people about the importance of dressing well, build self-confidence, and develop business/professional attitudes

Lady Life Changers
The purpose is to equip Women with the skills and opportunities to become self-sufficient and good servants to their
families and communities; and educate, edify, and empower the lives of women and young ladies in the community.

First Exposure: Worth the Wait & Save your treasure
Worth the Wait is an 8-week program that works with male and female youth grades 7-12th in SAISD in partnership with San Antonio Fighting Back and University Health System to implement strategies for reducing the risk of teen pregnancy. Save your treasure is an 8-week program that works with young women grades 7-12th which focus on empowerment and sisterhood, through education and positive reinforcement, helping each one blossom into viable women who impact society in a positive way.

Fun facts about Walter:

  • He is SUPER good at chess & scrable. He is even in a scrable club!
  • Favorite memory: attending the Eastside Boys & Girls Club in the summer as a child.
  • The most interesteing job that he has held was a truck driver.
  • He is an avid reader and enjoys strengthing his mind through education. His favorite books include: The Autubiography of Malcom X & Foam
  • He is a hidden playwright!
  • He loves taking drives out of town with his wife and spending time with his family.
  • Favorite Move: Tading Places


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