Yvette Sanchez


Yvette Sanchez, a graduate of UTSA, had been elected by her peers as the teacher of the year 2014-2015 at Bowden Elementary. Ms. Sanchez a “product of S.A.I.S.D” graduated from Jefferson High School. This is Ms. Sanchez’s second year at Bowden Elementary. “I was completely surprised” Sanchez said when she was notified about her nomination.

Teaching for the past nine years Ms. Sanchez loves her students. “I would rather work helping my community than to work for a more privileged school” Ms. Sanchez said. Helping her students find their lightbulb moment is what she loves about teaching. “I love going home knowing that my students finally got it.”

If she could leave a legacy behind it would be passing along her love of reading to her students in hopes that they would learn to love to read as she does. It is important to her that everyone appreciates books. “I want my students to love reading and encourage the next person to do so as well” Ms. Sanchez said.