Walking School Bus

A community plagued with high mobility, loose animals, crime, and construction vehicles creates unsafe streets for students traveling to & from school. The Walking School Bus (WSB) program is a community collaboration created to support safe travel of parents & students to & from school. Adults will supervise groups of children who walk designated routes, which will improve neighborhood connections, and also, reduce tardies and missed school days. Support from faith-based volunteers, city, and national agencies will help build support for infrastructure improvements in the community at large.

The WSB will launch at Washington Elem 2015-16 school year.

Technical assistance grant awarded by Safe Routes to School; local support: MPO/Metropolitan Planning Organization, SA Bikes/COSA, SAISD, and PaCT.

walking school bus


Safety patrols have been established around the Elementary and Middle schools. We have been collaborating with The City of San Antonio to address the concerns about the stray animal population, including spay and neuter clinics and conducting animal sweeps in the area. The first major City Sweep took place in February 2015. Seven hundred comic books were distributed to each EPN school campus regarding pet care and safety, providing more parents and students with information on animal safety.


As another community-based complement to safety patrols, EPN is developing Walking School Bus (WSB) Campaigns.  Local agencies involved in planning include Metropolitan Planning Organization/MPO, SA Bikes, and The Mission Continues (a veteran-based volunteer corps).   Three campuses have identified the Walking School Bus program as a 2015-16 safety solution for safe routes to school, and additionally, to address chronic absenteeism.  Sam Houston High School identified 10 businesses near the campus where students loiter in the morning. The program “Hurricanes On Time Club” was established as an awareness campaign to promote the importance of attendance through business engagement.  The following businesses have agreed to display posters and encourage students to arrive at school on-time:





Dollar General

dollar general