Wheatley Community School

Full Service Community Schools are an organizational concept aimed at achieving educational success and physical, social and emotional well-being for students, families, and the community. Multiple services, (including the academic and learning experiences provided within the school), are mobilized through partnerships to provide opportunities, optimize assets, and address the identified needs of the students, family and community. With a strong network of partners like Eastside Promise Neighborhood (EPN), Choice Neighborhood Initiative, Communities in Schools, S.A.I.S.D, Wheatley Middle School students and their families and members of the surrounding community, Wheatley Community School will create a network of programs and services that will meet the diverse needs of the Eastpoint community and beyond.

Wheatley Community School nurtures a sense of community through strong partnerships and community involvement.  We are an educational institution that assists in removing academic and social barriers by providing resources and programs, while emphasizing sustainability. Student programs are focused on improving academic grade levels as well as providing enriching, engaging, and positive activities to strengthen individual character. Adult and Community education improves expertise and expands knowledge. The Wheatley Community School promotes healthy living through exercise, proper nutrition and health services. The community school is sustained by encouraging community members to become active volunteers and program developers.   The foundation of the community school is to achieve educational success and stability for Wheatley students, families, and the entire community.

  1. Alamo Colleges Distance Learning Lab allows students that are studying to pass their GED or TSI tests an opportunity to complete the courses through an online web based program.

Days/Times: Tuesdays/ 1:30-3 pm   Room: 142

Phone: 210-485-0275

E-mail: dgraybill2@alamocolleges.edu


  1. Farmers Market program located at the Wheatley Community school, which will include healthy cooking demonstrations and nutritional education. SNAP is accepted and recipients will receive coupons to double their produce purchase. Farmer’s Markets are an Eastside Promise Neighborhood funded initiative.

Days/Times: 2nd Saturday of every month/ 10-1 pm

For more information: 210-431-8341


  1. Eastside Fit offers FREE family fitness. All fitness levels can be accommodated for. FIT classes are an Eastside Promise Neighborhood funded initiative.

Days/Times:  Mondays-Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 pm / Saturdays from 10am-12pm

Location: Gym

Phone: 210-781-9466 or info@gardopiaGardens.org


  1. Communities in Schools- Adult Case Management offers supportive services, social service and community education referrals

Days/Times: Monday-Friday/8-4:30 pm     

Room: 144

Phone: 210-660-9785


  1. Select Federal Credit Union will offer onsite check cashing, deposits, withdrawals, opening accounts, loan applications, financial counseling and notary services.

Days/Times: Thursdays 4:15pm-7:00pm Starting August 25, 2016

Room: 163

Phone: 210-223-6561


  1. City Public Service and SAWS offers affordability discount programs, senior citizens billing program and Casa Verde weatherization assistance. Walk-ins are welcome.

Days/Times: Thursdays/ 3pm-5pm beginning August 25, 2016

Room: 142